Legacy Giving

Make a positive difference for future generations of children affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism here in the UK and around the world

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Every Gift Makes A Difference!

Leaving a legacy gift to the Walking With Giants Foundation can provide a future lifeline for small charities like us.

You do not need to be wealthy, no matter what money you leave to the WWGF it will make a difference to the future generation of families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism here in the UK and round the world!

Your gift will unlock a world of isolation, bring families together, support them in times of crisis and help with future medical research and breakthroughs. It will help save lives!

Hopefully this will give you peace of mind that you are contributing to positively changing lives long into the future.

Leaving a gift in your Will: FAQS

Making a Will can be confusing, here are some of the most common questions and and answers about how the will making process works.

Why Do I Need to write a will?
If you do not have a will when you pass away, your money, shares, savings or investments, property and personal possessions (your estate) will be shared out according to the law instead of your wishes. This can mean they pass to someone you hadn’t intended to – or that someone you want to pass things on to ends up with nothing

Additionally any Inheritance Tax that your estate has to pay might be higher than it would be if you had made a will. Finally if you die with no living close relatives, your whole estate will belong to the Crown or to the government. This law is called bona vacantia.

With an up-to-date Will, you can have peace of mind that the people and causes that matter to you have been looked
after the way you choose.

Do I have enough money to leave a legacy?
Amy amount of money left in your Will to the Walking With Giants Foundation, is so vital to our work and we are very grateful to everyone who chooses to support us in this way. Gifts in Wills are absolutely very important to us and allows us to continue our work to positively change the lives individuals and families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism, now and in the future.
I already have a Will, How do I include a gift to the Walking With Giants Foundation in it?

If you’ve already have an existing Will in place, adding a gift to the Walking With Giants Foundation is simple process and you have two options:

  • You could write a new Will, in many situations, the most effective way is to start again and write a new one. Once a new Will is written, it makes any Wills made by you in the past void.
  • Codicil – This document provides an easy way to make simple additions or amendments to an existing Will, such as adding a gift to charity or changing the amount of a fixed money gift. If you choose to use a Codicil, be careful that if you do then go on to make a new Will, it clearly states that you are revoking all Wills and Codicils previously made.

Whatever option you choose, we’d recommend using a solicitor, even if you think the changes are straightforward!

I've included a gift in my Will to the Walking With Giants Foundation, do I need to let you know?
No you do not, however we would love to hear from you because we value the opportunity to thank our supporters personally. Additionally awareness of legacies like this helps us plan financially for the future as a charity.

Polite Notice:

The Walking With Giants Foundation does not provide financial or legal advice. We recommends that you contact a financial adviser or lawyer for advice on leaving a legacy to a charity.

To find a Will writer, please visit:

The Society of Will Writers
Institute of Professional Will Writers
The Law Society


10 Ways You Can Help!

Below are 10 vital ways to help us.  Each and everyone one of them provides a vital financial and awareness lifeline which allows us to carry one with the work we do! Just click on the number and it will take you to the desired page of your choice!

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Making A Donation

We have three simple ways you can make a donation to the Walking With Giants Foundation

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Community Fundraising

Are you a community group looking to support a great cause? If the answer is yes, click here!
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Corporate Partnerships

Are you the next generation of Giants to become our partners and walk with us?
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Corporate Sponsorship

Is your organisation looking to support a great cause via sponsorship in 2020? Then look no further!
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School Fundraising

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic schools and students who want to raise money for a good cause. Would you like to help us?

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Do Your Own Thing

Why not get together with friends, family and neighbours to support the Walking With Giants Foundation?

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Legacy Giving

Make a positive difference for future generations of  families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism.

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Raise Awareness

Help us spread the word about the work we do and Microcepahilic Primordial Dwarfism! 

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Giving up your time, your skills and experience helps us change and save lives now and in the future!

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Shop Online

Every time you shop online you could be raising money for the Walking With Giants Foundation and the best part of it, it will not cost you a single penny!

We Need Your Support!

The WWGF has to raise more than £80,000 each year if it is to continue providing its current level of support to individual and families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism.

We do not receive any statutory funding, so we totally rely voluntary donations from the general public, grant making trusts and foundations, businesses (small and large), schools, clubs, societies, rotaries, and lodges.

With your help, we can provide direct support, research, vital information, advice and services to help individuals and families reach their full potential in life in a world that is not made for them!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I think our child has Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism. Can you help us?

Yes we can! All you need to do is send an email to Sue Connerty at sue.connerty@walkingwithgiants.org and she will get back to you via email asking some information about your child. On receipt of your reply, she will the assess the information and consult with doctors on our Medical Advisory Board. If all information corresponds with the criteria needed for the WWGF to your child and your family, The WWGF will then send you some information how to regisiter for support and unite with other families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarifism.

How can I help the Walking With Giants Foundation?
There are many ways to help the Walking With GIants Foundation. Please visit our 'Get Involved' page. If there is something that you would like do for the WWGF, we would love to her from you. Please send us an email on enquiries@walkingwithgiants.org with you ideas or specific area of support.
How do I make a donation?

There are several ways that you can make a donation, please visit our 'Making A Donation' page.

If you would like your donation to be recognised please let us know by:

Calling us 0151 526 0134 (from within the UK),

Calling us +44 151 526 0134 (from outside of the UK),

Email us on enquiries@walkingwithgiants.org,

or by writing to us at, Walking With Giants Foundation, PO Box 85, Maghull, Liverpool, L31 6WW.