Do Your Own Thing

Why not get together with friends, family and neighbours to support the Walking With Giants Foundation. The is no limit to what what can do!

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Use Your Imagination

There are many ways in which you can help raise money for the Walking With Giants Foundation. The following are tried and tested events that can be fun, demanding and rewarding; but excellent opportunities to raise much needed money to help the WWGF assist the individuals and families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism.

Here are some of the popular ones:

Quiz Evenings
Organise just one night or a whole series of quizzes in your home, local pub or social club. You can charge entry for each team and get prizes donated. Many pubs or social clubs will be happy to support you as the event will bring them extra customers.
Sponsorship and Challenges
Can you face 24 hours of not swearing, smoking or speaking?

If you can, get sponsored for it! Or why not try sporting ventures such as swimming, cycling or running, and get fit at the same time.

There are plenty of things you can get sponsored for –from giving up chocolate for a month to having your beard/hair shaved off. Or feeling more adventurous?

You could take on the challenge of a lifetime – from abseiling down a building to running a marathon – and you can ask people to sponsor you for your efforts.

Or perhaps you are just starting out and want a more manageable challenge like a three mile run and fancy an extra incentive by taking part for the ‘WWGF’.

See the Challenge Events section for some activities that you might be able to get involved with.

Auction Of Promises
Auction lots could range from two hours of dog walking to theatre tickets, meals in local restaurants or mowing your neighbour’s lawn.

You could even auction someone’s skills – e.g. decorating. You could hold it at home or in a local venue and charge a small entrance fee.

Make sure you have got plenty to auction and get local publicity to encourage people to attend.

Dinner Party
Cook a meal and invite your friends – for a price! You could also run a mini-raffle or auction during dinner to provide additional entertainment and raise money.
Odd Jobs
Help a neighbour or member of your family by taking their dog for a walk, doing their shopping or cleaning up the garden in exchange for a small donation. Better still why not encourage your family members to get sponsored to do household tasks – you will raise money for a good cause and help to create equality in your home!
Social Event
Hold a party, BBQ, coffee morning, or even a wine tasting. Charge people to attend and organise a raffle. Everyone will have a great time and the money raised will make a real difference to the ‘WWGF’.
Sporting Event
If you are part of a sports club, golf club or fitness centre, you could organise a charity football match, golf day or fancy dress sports challenge. Maybe your club has one already and you could nominate the ‘WWGF’ to be the benefiting charity?
Get permission to collect from your local supermarket, pub, football club, train station, theatre, cinema or shopping centre.
School Events
Ask your child’s school to arrange a fete, disco, or allow the children to wear their own clothes or pyjama’s to school for 50p or a £1.00.
More Fundraising Ideas (A-Z)

Aerobics: sponsored marathon/competition
Antiques fair
Arts or crafts stall/exhibition/fair


Balls (Valentine’s, Easter, Summer and Christmas/New Year or themed?)
Bad hair/tie day
Bag packing at local Supermarket
Baked beans bath
Barn Dance
Bike rides
BMX bike display, or competition
Book/comic sale
Bouncy castle – it could be a sponsored event, e.g. number of bounces per minute!
Bring and buy sale


Cabarets/talent shows
Cakes Sales
Car boot sale
Car washing (in schools grounds/fire stations)
Charity of the Year in your school/workplace
Christmas cards – making and selling them, or selling bought cards
City Marathon
Classroom collections
Coffee mornings
Computer games knockout – organise a competition, best if played in pairs
Cook books – writing a class or school cookbook that can then be sold
Cookery contest (e.g. Ready Steady Cook – could be the teachers!)


Dance marathon
Dinner dance/ball
Donkey Derby
Dodgeball competition
Dragon boat race
Dry Cornflakes/Cream Cracker-eating contest


Easter Egg hunt
Easter party
Egg rolling competition


Face painting
Fairs, fetes, bazaars, etc
Fancy dress party/day
Fashion show (with clothes made by pupils or donated by local shops)
Film show/premiere
Fireworks party (adults to organise)
Flower/fruit/vegetable show/sale/display/stall
Foam party – fill paddling or swimming pool with foam and then party!
Football tournament


Game shows (e.g. Stars In Their Eyes, Wheel of Fortune, Blockbusters, Blind Date etc)
Gigs (local bands play in school or clubs)
Golf day
Great North Run


Hair beading/plaiting
Halloween party
Hot-dog/burger stand at fetes or fairs


It’s a Knockout competition


Judo competition or display (adults to organise)
Jumble sale
Jelly Bath


Karaoke competition/display (adults to organise)
Karate display/competition Sponsored Kick/Punch
Kickboxing display/competition Sponsored Kick/Punch


Line dancing
Longest chain of paper-clips, line of coins, etc
Lottery – Pick the Bonus Ball – percentage of money donated to Charity


Marathon events – table tennis, aerobics, line dancing, badminton, etc (in shift teams)
Midnight film shows/parties/etc
Mufti/non-uniform/denim/tracksuit/etc day
Murder Mystery evening/weekend


New Year’s Eve dance/party
Night-time hide and seek for adults, using torches
No work day, students choose what they want to do


Old-time music hall
One hundred club – raising £100 every week, half term or term, or a fundraising club with 100 members in it


Pancake day race/competition
Parties – school birthday/anniversary
Penalty shoot-out competition
Penny mile, where coins are lined up and measured – can be done in teams
Pet show
Photographic competitions
Pram push




Rapping contest, show or sponsored event
Running events


Saints days parties/theme day
Santa’s grotto
School fair
Scoff-a-hotdog or any food competition (e.g. ‘who can eat two in the fastest time possible’!)
Silly games afternoons: egg & spoon, silly races, wet sponge throwing, etc
Skateboard display
Sponsored events (e.g. bike ride, dog walk, knit, kite-flying, headshave, haircut, hula-hooping, no smoking, rapping, run, shoe-clean, silence, sing, sports match, swim, talk, three-legged walks, walk, watch TV/don’t watch TV, window clean, etc etc etc)
Sports contests, teachers vs students (no PE teachers allowed!)
Stalls at fairs etc (e.g. cakes, plants, books)
Strawberry and cream tea party
Student-teacher swap day


Tea party
Teddy bears’ picnic
Theme days/evenings (e.g. countries – French, Spanish; soap operas, past-eras etc)
Throwing wet sponges at a person/teacher/manager in stocks, great at a summer fair!
Top of the Pops show, teachers or students miming and dancing to chart music
Treasure hunt
Tuck shop, where the profits go to the Walking With Giants Foundation – getting supplies donated?


Uniform days (for schools without a uniform and/or for teachers)
University challenge


Variety show


Wacky Races
Whist drive
White Elephant stall
Who’s that baby? (students and staff bring in photos of themselves as babies)


Xmas fair/panto/party


Yacht race
Yo Yo competition – whose the best in the School or even sadder at work
Young Enterprise Scheme run by students, donate part of profits (e.g. making and selling cards)


Zany parties

About Fundraising
There are a number of laws and regulations governing how people can collect or fund raise for a charity.

Different laws and regulations apply depending on where and how you decide to raise funds. They are designed to protect you, the volunteer fundraiser and the public from fraud and to ensure best practice.

When you are fundraising for the ‘WWGF’, you are representing us, so we ask you to comply with our fundraising rules, the relevant laws and regulations; and be guided by our principles in all that you do.

It is essential that any fundraising activity or event should be run legally and safely. We have provided some information on the other pages in this section to guide you to organise your events legally and safely, but it is the responsibility of the events organiser to ensure compliance with legal, health and safety standards.

10 Ways You Can Help!

Below are 10 vital ways to help us.  Each and everyone one of them provides a vital financial and awareness lifeline which allows us to carry one with the work we do! Just click on the number and it will take you to the desired page of your choice!

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Making A Donation

We have three simple ways you can make a donation to the Walking With Giants Foundation

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Community Fundraising

Are you a community group looking to support a great cause? If the answer is yes, click here!
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Corporate Partnerships

Are you the next generation of Giants to become our partners and walk with us?
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Corporate Sponsorship

Is your organisation looking to support a great cause via sponsorship in 2020? Then look no further!
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School Fundraising

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic schools and students who want to raise money for a good cause. Would you like to help us?

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Do Your Own Thing

Why not get together with friends, family and neighbours to support the Walking With Giants Foundation?

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Legacy Giving

Make a positive difference for future generations of  families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism.

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Raise Awareness

Help us spread the word about the work we do and Microcepahilic Primordial Dwarfism! 

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Giving up your time, your skills and experience helps us change and save lives now and in the future!

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Shop Online

Every time you shop online you could be raising money for the Walking With Giants Foundation and the best part of it, it will not cost you a single penny!

We Need Your Support!

The WWGF has to raise more than £80,000 each year if it is to continue providing its current level of support to individual and families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism.

We do not receive any statutory funding, so we totally rely voluntary donations from the general public, grant making trusts and foundations, businesses (small and large), schools, clubs, societies, rotaries, and lodges.

With your help, we can provide direct support, research, vital information, advice and services to help individuals and families reach their full potential in life in a world that is not made for them!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I think our child has Microcephalic Primordial Dwarfism. Can you help us?

Yes we can! All you need to do is send an email to Sue Connerty at and she will get back to you via email asking some information about your child. On receipt of your reply, she will the assess the information and consult with doctors on our Medical Advisory Board. If all information corresponds with the criteria needed for the WWGF to your child and your family, The WWGF will then send you some information how to regisiter for support and unite with other families affected by Microcephalic Primordial Dwarifism.

How can I help the Walking With Giants Foundation?
There are many ways to help the Walking With GIants Foundation. Please visit our 'Get Involved' page. If there is something that you would like do for the WWGF, we would love to her from you. Please send us an email on with you ideas or specific area of support.
How do I make a donation?

There are several ways that you can make a donation, please visit our 'Making A Donation' page.

If you would like your donation to be recognised please let us know by:

Calling us 0151 526 0134 (from within the UK),

Calling us +44 151 526 0134 (from outside of the UK),

Email us on,

or by writing to us at, Walking With Giants Foundation, PO Box 85, Maghull, Liverpool, L31 6WW.