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What is Primordial Dwarfism?

What is Primordial Dwarfism?

Primordial dwarfism is a group of disorders in which growth is proportional but extremely delayed, which begins in the womb . This results in some of the smallest people in the world especially in the MOPD1 disorders (average adult height is less than 2ft 10in).

Primordial dwarfism is not a specific diagnosis.  It is in fact a class of disorders to which at least 6 different conditions are currently grouped:

  • PD Non Specific
  • Ligase IV
  • Meier Gorlin Syndrome
  • Seckell Syndrome

The above conditions are the ones that have been medically identified over the last 25 years, however due to ongoing research being carried out by doctors on the WWGF medical review board this may change in the years ahead, if not sooner.

For more information on the specific Primordial Dwarfism sub-types please see the links on the left.


1:Prior to 2010 MOPD I and MOPD II were seperate sub-types however research has now identified that they are the same the condition.

2: The WWGF do not provide support to individuals and families afftected by Russel Silver Syndrome as there are two well established and recognised organisations.

These are:

Child Growth Foundation (UK)

Magic Foundation (USA)

If you are a parent or individual affected by Russell Silver Syndrome, please contact these organisations for advice and support.


Please note the information on the individual pages within the About Primordial Dwarfism menu does not replace individual medical advice or provides a diagnosis. If any parent or guardian visiting this site thinks their child has a form of Primordial Dwarfism, they should consult a local Clinical Geneticist or ask their local pediatrician/doctor to make a referral to one of our doctors on our medical review board.

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