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7th International WWGF Annual Convention

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Until The Annual WWGF International Convention Starts.
August 17th sees over 130 individuals and family members from around the world affected by Primordial Dwarfism come together to celebrate life, support and education in Liverpool England during the annual WWGF International Convention.
The 6 day convention allows individuals and their families to connect with and support each other via the many events planned during the convention. At the same time they will get to meet and listen to doctors, scientists and other specialists that form the WWGF medical review/research board during a specially planned medical conference and personal assessments held during the convention.
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The Walking with Giants is not Government Funded, we rely on public donations to help us achieve our aims and objectives.

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Welcome to the Walking With Giants Foundation

We are a voluntary non-profit making registered charity (Reg No 1123246), set up to support and enrich the lives of individuals and families from the UK and around the world who are affected by the following Primordial Dwarfism subtypes:

  • PD Non Specific
  • MOPD Uknown
  • Meier Gorlin Syndrome
  • Seckell Syndrome

We provide support and encouragement to these individuals and their families in any way which is charitable in accordance with the law in England and Wales.

In addition to the above, we endeavour to eliminate all the stigma, mystery and any discrimination towards the disorder by promoting a positive attitude via this site, educational events and TV programs throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Our Aims

Hold a yearly international event to bring families together to celebrate life and allow them to meet experts from around the world.

Provide trips out and events during the annual convention and also breaks for families needing respite.

Source out and financially assist with specialist equipment, toys, custom made clothes, costumes and furniture.

Create opportunities to allow individuals affected by Primordial Dwarfism to reach their full potential in life.

Facilitate research into the causes of Primordial Dwarfism and the complex life threatening medical issues faced by individuals affected by Primordial Dwarfism.

Raise awareness amongst the general public, medical professions, support services and other interested parties.

Facilitate family support meetings and connections to highlight life issues, concerns and remove the isolation families feels.

Identify those with Primordial Dwarfism and bring them into contact with other individuals, families and specialists.